Stone Grill House (岩极烤肉)



Stone Grill House (岩极烤肉)
Cuisine: Dongbei
Price: ¥¥¥
Location: Sanlitun Soho, Building A
English Menu: Yes
English Service: No

Most people who would walk into Stone Grill House would likely assume, “Oh, it’s a Korean BBQ joint.” They’d be wrong. It’s much, much more than that! Continue reading “Stone Grill House (岩极烤肉)”

The Southern Fish


The Southern Fish (渔芙南)
Cuisine: Hunan
Price: ¥¥
Location: FuChengMen, XiCheng District
English Menu: Yes
English Service: No


Hunan cuisine (湘菜) ranks as one of my absolute favorites. I was somewhat dismayed when one of my Hunanese friends told me that Chinese people mostly consider it low-brow. “Why?” I asked startled. “It’s viewed as too oily, not healthy.” Well, that was precisely what drew me to it in the first place. Continue reading “The Southern Fish”