Xiao Wang Fu




Xiao Wang Fu (小王府)
Cuisine: Regional Chinese classics
Price: ¥¥
Location: GuangHua DongLi, CBD
English Menu: Yes
English Service: No

Beijing’s restaurant scene is dynamic. It’s not uncommon to go to one of your favorite restaurants and find that it’s suddenly…vanished. This was especially true when I first moved to the city, and it seemed like non-stop construction. In some ways, Beijing has slowed down a bit and more stable. But I think about some of those restaurants that I used to frequent that are no more and can’t help but feel nostalgic. So, when a restaurant has managed to survive after all these years you know it’s unique. Now I introduce you to Xiao Wang Fu. Continue reading “Xiao Wang Fu”

Rosewood Beijing

P80128-203201(1)I’ve been spending more time (and money!) at Rosewood Beijing in recent months. I have to say that it has really emerged as one of Beijing’s BEST hotels. While I’ve never had the privilege to stay there, the F&B here is outstanding. My friends Giancarlo and Melanie often used to do staycations at Rosewood Beijing, and through them, I got to know the hotel better. Staying in one of the suites is totally worth it because you also get club floor access which is nearly as good as the public restaurants, not to mention with copies of the Financial Times and South China Morning Post! Continue reading “Rosewood Beijing”